Nutrition For Health

This is a sponsored post from Danielle Ann – Milwaukee Personal Trainer

Personal training through the use of weightlifting is an effective way to build muscle mass. however, if you want that muscle mass to stay, proper nutrition will be your best friend. To continue to gain more muscle and to keep those pecks you already have nice and firm, follow these basic eating guidelines.

Lean Beef
Fitness is all about staying healthy and nutritious. No one can do that until their bodies have the right vitamins and minerals to do so. What better way than to eat a steak. Lean beef is loaded will zinc, B- vitamins, and iron. These elements are conducive to the process of muscle growth. This meat is known to be a great provider of protein. Just remember that a healthy portion size is 3 ounces.

Skinless and Boneless Chicken
Chicken is extremely high in protein. A 3-ounce serving size has 27 grams of protein to get those muscles active and growing. Chicken helps in the muscle maintenance, aiding in the repairing of muscles, as well as, builds bone health. However, chicken pops a heavy nutritious punch. In each serving, there is Selenium, Vitamin B-3, as well as Vitamin B-6. Selenium is an antioxidant your body requires which helps the reduction inflammation. Vitamin B-3 converts the carbohydrates in your body to energy; energy you will need to continue your weightlifting lifestyle. Vitamin B-6 keeps your metabolism rolling.

That is right, Oatmeal… For most people, oatmeal is gross. You either love it or you hate it. Well, listen up, if you are personal training through lifting weights, you can learn to love oatmeal. The fact is, oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates. Do not forget what happens to stored carbohydrates in the body. Oatmeal is also composed of a soluble form of fiber. One that will absorb a large quantity of liquids once it enters the body. This will help you feel full longer and aid in weight management.

Fruits and Vegetables
Last, however, certainly not least. Do not forget to eat a nutritious, healthy quantity of vegetables and fruits. Each different vegetable and each different fruit has its own nutritious value. For example, pomegranates are a fruit full of antioxidants used to aid in inflammation, as well as, for cognitive strength. Weightlifting and personal training create a healthy brain, as well as a healthy body.